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Elliott Feldman | Attorney & Owner

Elliott Feldman became an estate planning attorney as a consequence of being in the exact position that you never want your family to be in.

When Elliott was just 7 years old, his father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 47. Even though his dad, years prior, went to one of the top firms in town to get his estate plan in place, Elliott’s mom –– STILL –– had to go through almost 3 years in probate court and had to pay her probate attorney $55,000 by the end of it!

Looking back, Elliott always thought this was Malpractice.

Turns out –– it’s COMMON PRACTICE!

This is because most traditional estate planning law firms create estate plans based on an outdated methodology that pushes all clients into the same dirty, templated plan, which is destined to fail when the client’s loved ones need it most.

When Elliott became an estate planning attorney, he made a commitment to never let his clients suffer what he and his mom suffered by creating estate plans that would ACTUALLY WORK when his clients’ families would need it most by keeping the family out of court and out of conflict should something happen.

Elliott Feldman Law Group is an estate planning law firm built to carry out Elliott’s mission.

If that sounds like the kind of law firm you’d want to help you create (or update) your family’s estate plan, then feel free to schedule an Initial 15 Min Estate Planning Call with Elliott –– For Free –– by clicking the button below.

Stephanie Gwennap | Client Services Director

Stephanie is the Client Services Director of the Elliott Feldman Law Group. Stephanie facilitates communication between you and your attorney throughout your entire representation so you know exactly what’s going on and what to expect from us at all times. That way, we make it as easy as possible for you to get your estate plan finished from the comfort of your own home in the most efficient way possible.

Having worked in the financial services industry for 10 years, Stephanie is uniquely qualified to hold our clients’ hands on the exact steps you’ll need to take outside our office to ensure your plan will actually work when your loved ones need it most.

The same thing happened with Elliott’s father’s failed estate plan that forced Elliott’s mom to be stuck in probate court for years and paying $10s of thousands of dollars by the end of it was the same thing that happened in her own family when her grandparents’ plan and her own father’s plan failed when they needed it most – leaving them stuck in court and conflict. 

That’s why Stephanie joined our law firm – to join Elliott in making sure that no other family has to suffer what her family suffered by creating estate plans that actually work when your loved ones need it most. 

Stephanie lives in Ohio with her husband of 15 years and, when she’s not helping our clients, Stephanie enjoys spending family time with her husband and their two boys, Connall and Declan, and their fur babies, Haizy Mae and Bellaluna Minion :).

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