Elliott is a very personable and professional estate attorney.

– Stephanie H.

Elliott walked me through the whole process step by step. He left no questions unanswered, he gained my trust from beginning to end and he was available and present anytime I needed him for guidance.

– Freda J.

We already had an established trust but we knew it was getting stale and in need of a make-over. Elliott Feldman was the man for the job. He asked us all the important and relevant questions in the information gathering stage, answered all our questions thoroughly and timely , was super-organized, prompt and very knowledgeable. We ended up with more than we hoped for: documents placed in a binder for easy access as well as a thumb drive to back up the paper and suggestions how to make everything even more accessible to the successor trustees when that time comes. Elliott Feldman is a professional who cares about his clients and sincerely wants to make their lives easier by alleviating the worries over what will happen when “that time comes.” I give him the highest recommendation.

– Joyce K.

Elliott made the process very easy and we are thankful for all his help! His communication and professionalism was above and beyond!!

– Tammy B.

Elliott, thank you so much for your patience through the development of my estate plan. The things that are involved would have been overwhelming. I believe that when the time comes, I am sure that my daughter will have the special provisions she needs. Your time greatly appreciated as was your knowledge and completeness. I will indeed hand anyone my recommendation for those looking for any similar service.

– Henri F.

I would recommend Elliott to anyone looking to have a plan that will work.

– Steve V.

Elliott Feldman is an attorney’s attorney when it comes to estate planning. Although I had a rudimentary trust in place, Elliott was able to refine it and put all the estate plan pieces together. He was not reserved about spending the time necessary to accomplish my goals. Elliott gets an A for his excellent work and patience.

– Elliot K.

Elliott made the entire estate planning process easy! He was extremely organized, explained the process fully, and left me with confidence that we have put the right plan in place for our family. I’d highly recommend Elliott to anyone considering an estate plan.

– Mark B.

Elliott is a fantastic estate planning attorney. Honestly, while I’m a guy that likes to plan ahead in life, I didn’t want to talk about this subject matter. But Elliot made this process easy for us and I thought he was extremely thorough with everything that was involved. I’m also confident that I have a plan that will actually work when my wife and kids need it most. I’d definitely recommend attorney Elliott Feldman for your own family’s estate planning needs and have already been passing out his business cards to those I feel would benefit from speaking with him.

– Sean D.

Elliott was a HUGE help to my husband and I as we did our estate planning. He was extremely punctual, thorough and great at explaining complex attorney verbiage. We always knew exactly what forms we were filling out and exactly what they meant. Elliott made this a very smooth and painless process. I would recommend him.

– Taylor C.

Elliott believes it is just as important to pass along your spiritual and intellectual values as it is to protect physical assets and he helped us put together an audio recording that our children can listen to when we’re no longer here. I can’t thank Elliott enough for this experience, it was truly satisfying.

– Jeff H.

My experience with Elliott started with a very informative webinar about estate planning, and from there I knew he was the guy to get my family set up for life. Throughout the entire process Elliott was helpful and explained things however we needed to help us understand and feel comfortable that we were making good choices. He is thorough in his knowledge of your options for protecting your assets and family, and he is strong in his conviction that having a plan in place is important. Certainly an expert, but clearly a believer in helping people out, I would recommend Elliott’s expertise to anyone in need of wills, trusts or any sort of estate planning. Thank you so much for getting us all set up!

– Samantha H.

You don’t know what you don’t know and wow, my husband and I were certainly ignorant as to what would happen after our passing. We’ve heard horror stories that have happened to others so we decided to do some work and save our loved ones any additional and unnecessary complications.

Elliott Feldman is extremely knowledgeable and professional, providing just the right amount of candor and patience when dealing with such a heavy subject matter many try to avoid. He answered all our “stupid” questions thoroughly and provided explanations through every step in the process of our estate planning.

Given his personal experience, his passion for ensuring that it doesn’t happen to others is immeasurable. I left our final meeting with Elliott with an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that we had a plan in place that will protect our legacy and provide adequately for our loved ones when we are no longer able to so.

Thank you Elliott! It indeed was a pleasure and looking forward to working with you…for a VERY long time!

– Daniell D.

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