How do you view estate planning? What’s the philosophy behind your estate planning? I get asked these questions often.  So, what is my philosophy on estate planning?

Well, estate planning is so much more than just the money you leave behind when you die. Now, estate planning when done right can be the gateway to understanding the meaning of life and death and open up a whole new level of family connection, harmony, health, and well-being.

Up until now, most traditional estate planning lawyers and law firms have viewed estate planning as a tool to transfer your financial wealth.  In my opinion, your financial wealth is just a small portion of what your overall wealth is. Your overall includes your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets, who you are, and what’s important to you. Now, these pieces of your wealth are intangible and up to this point, most traditional estate planning law firms have never bothered to attempt to find a way to transfer these intangibles.

For context, my grandpa fought in World War II.  He was a war hero of the country. He fought against pure evil upon the Earth and then came home to raise a family of nine in a little suburb in Cincinnati.  All I have to remember him by is a black and white picture when he was about 9 years old and a photo when he was dying of cirrhosis of the liver in the 70s.  There was so much more to him than that. Unfortunately, I don’t know who he was. I don’t know how he talked, how he laughed, what his mannerisms were or were not. I know nothing. He’s lost forever.

Now, how cool would it be if I could know who he was because we were actually able to transfer his intellectual, spiritual, and human assets?

Well, in our firm, we’ve developed a way to help our clients do just that. So, their legacy and spirit and wisdom will always be passed down for generations to come.  If that sounds like the type of planning you’d like for your family and you’d like to see what your family’s estate planning options could look like and learn more about how we actually create plans that will actually work when your family needs it to, then please schedule an initial 15-minute call with me.

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