What crisis will it take for you to get an estate plan done for your family? You see, a crisis is Mother Nature’s way of reminding you of the fact that there is a real possibility you could die much sooner than you think.  You don’t have the luxury of so many of those tomorrows to get your estate plan done for your family.

Sometimes that crisis comes from within. You find a lump that might be cancer.  You get into a horrific car accident.  There are any number of things to remind you of your mortality. What’s going to happen to your family when you’re gone? Sometimes, that crisis comes from the outside world; you have the variety pack of crises to choose from to remind you how your life could end much sooner than you think.

So, I ask you what crisis will it take for you to take a few minutes to talk with an estate planning attorney about how you can protect your family in case you are no longer around?

What crisis will push you to do one of the most selfless acts of unconditional love for your family by picking up that phone and calling an estate planning attorney to see what your options are.

What crisis will it take for you to do one of the most responsible adult things for your family that you’ll ever do in your life?

An even crazier question, how much worse do these crisis need to get to give you that sense of urgency to get done what you know you need to get done for your family?

I’m not saying you need to be living in fear of your impending doom, but I am saying that if you have a family, if you have kids if you, have a house, a car, a bank account, retirement, etc, you have assets that will need to go somewhere after you’re not here.  Now, more than ever, I suggest you take the time while you have the time do the right thing for your family. Call an estate planning attorney. Just get a sense of what your options are to ensure your family is protected in case you are not there one day. It doesn’t need to be me, but you need to talk to somebody.  If the variety pack of crisis in the last few years hasn’t woken you up to the fact that each day is precious and none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow to get things done, I really don’t know what crisis will.

I sincerely hope you don’t wait until it’s truly too late. Once you’re no longer around, it’s too late to make an estate plan.

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